Aqua Dance & Open Swim classes

Aqua Dance & Open Swim classes are two days a week Monday & Wednesday in the AM & Tuesday & Thursday in the PM. The class is one hour long and is offered 2X a week during August & September.

"Aqua Dance" and "Open Swim" are $160/month. All swim classes are paid in full upfront before starting and there are NO makeup classes unless the weather is the factor for missing. There is a $30.00 registration fee for everyone unless you have completed a swim class this season.

"Aqua Dance" is a water resistance exercise dance and movement class and is extremely fun (usually 30 minutes). No need for any past experience as this is a simple movement in the water to music!! This class will strengthen legs, arms, and core, and improve overall balance. It's also a good cardio & lung workout and tons of fun!

"Open Swim" is for adult swimmers who want some time to swim on their own and practice their strokes in an awesome heated pool and private setting. This is NOT a swim lesson however, I will be in the water (class is usually 30 minutes). All classes usually have 5-7 adults in each class.