I recommend a minimum of 2 weeks of consecutive swim classes each year for a child/adult who is learning to swim.  It is normal for a swimmer to regress each year in between classes until they become fluent swimmers.  My swim week consists of 4 days (M-Th), with Fridays left for makeup classes if necessary due to weather.  All of my classes are :30 minutes in duration.  There are normally 4-5 Children per class with myself and an assistant as well.  There will be NO makeup classes for missed lessons as you are paying for your child’s reserved spot in that class!


When bringing your child to swim class please remain in your vehicle until almost the exact time for your child’s class to start.  When it’s a few minutes before the class you may walk your child to the entrance of the pool area and wait quietly, please.   DO NOT let your child come to the pool area early as this is a huge distraction for the class that is already in session.  If your child cries or is having separation issues when the time for class or during class the parent will need to pass the child off to me, leave the pool area immediately, and be “out of sight,” so to speak so I can have control.  You may cautiously peek from different areas for your satisfaction but, please do not let your child see you if he or she is upset.  You may physically return to the pool at the end of class but again I ask, please don’t let your child see you until class is finished! Thank you for your help with this and as a parent myself, I know it is hard, but I must have their full attention to help maximize while teaching them to swim.   They usually settle down when the parent leaves or they realize what is required of them each day.  Their little nerves seem to calm down as they see how the class is conducted each day with performing repetitive drills and skills and the love of a compassionate instructor. It may take several days but consistency is the key for an upset child!

Your child will only be in the water for :30 minutes and DOES NOT need sunscreen, lotion or potions to come to swim lessons.  As all these can get into their eyes and burn. It also clouds the pool water as well. We do lots of drills with water in their face and eyes and this helps by NOT wearing sunscreen. Girls will need their hair pulled back in a secure ponytail and also have hair completely pinned back out of their eyes each day.  Boys need a short haircut to keep their hair out of their eyes as well. If the swimmer has dreadlocks a swim cap is required, as it damages our skimmer.   Also, NO large earrings, necklaces, or anklets during class.  All that your child will need each day is a bathing suit and a towel.  Please leave shoes, cover-ups, extra clothing, and toys at home or in the car.  We DO NOT wear goggles during swim classes as we are teaching wetting their eyes and face.  We DO NOT wear any floatation devices to swim lessons!

Parents make sure your child does not eat a large meal before coming to swim class especially if your child is struggling by being a little nervous.  Also, make sure your child has gone to the bathroom before coming to swim class. However, some children will have to go during class because of possible nervous bladders.  I do have a port-o-potty on the premises.  We try to keep pottying to a minimum if all possible as it causes a distraction in the class. Also, with young children, if one has to go to the potty they all need to go! I also have to ask you for one more bathroom favor for the safety of everyone in the water; parents please wipe your children really well before putting their swimsuit on and coming to swim class each day.  This is an area of hygiene that can get skipped with young children and this would help us keep a more sanitized pool. Thank You!

If classes are canceled due to bad weather I will text you as quick as I can before you start your drive out here.  I can’t answer your individual texts or phone calls while teaching.   If you do not get a text from me of an inclement weather threat, then come on to class.  Sometimes it’s raining like crazy in Meridian but would not have rained a dropout here in Collinsville and vice versa.  WE will get out of the pool if there is lightning.  However, we will continue classes if it’s just lightly raining with NO thunderstorm activity.  When we do swim in the light rain the kids in the water will always say, “Mrs. Kim we are getting wet”!

Please do not hesitate to call me or text me about any comments, questions, or concerns you have.  I will answer you by the end of the day.