My swim program is a 2 consecutive weeks (8 total days M-Thurs x 2) course. The classes are 30 minutes in duration each day and usually have 4-5 swimmers, myself, and an assistant in the water.

I don’t teach any ONE-week classes, except for my advanced swimmers just to refresh and brush up. All of my classes are to get the child/adult to know and use all of the necessary swim drills and skills and to get them under the water and moving with strokes across the pool!

The registration fee (non-refundable), is $35 per swimmer this year and is paid at the time of registration. The 2-week fee of swim instruction is in addition to the registration fee. If you elect to enroll in several 2-week sessions, you will only pay the registration fee once per swim season.

Swim classes are $140/week per swimmer. 

I will offer a discount to the swimmers who pay for the entire 2-week program upfront of $225/ per swimmer. It must be paid upfront and in full before the first class! This discount does not work any other way.

I start teaching swimmers at 4 years of age and all MUST be potty trained!!  I will have limited space for any 3.5-year-olds who are potty trained as well.

I teach classes in the AM and PM and do offer Adult classes as well. 

We are so excited for the upcoming coming season and to meet YOU!

Once again welcome to Kim's Swim!


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